The First Peoples Health Program is offered as a nationally recognised health qualification for students in their senior phase of secondary school. The training provides entry level knowledge and skills for students to either pursue a career in health or gain health literacy which will have a lasting impact on their community.  

Despite significant investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health programs over the past 40 years, progress towards closing the gap for Indigenous health has been slow. While interventions from Government and non-Government organisations have been developed based on best-practice research and learned experience, consideration for the complexity of issues and diversity of communities has often been missing. Seed Foundation Australia prioritises true community engagement and consultation as an integral component of program development implementation and evaluation. 

While to some extent interventions have been based on good practice research and experience, consideration for the complexity and diversity amongst the target demographic is missing. Many assumptions regarding predicted response and theory of change are over simplified and unrealistic when placed into remote and very remote Indigenous communities.





Our model has been tested for the past 5 years.

We have built this model based on the successes and challenges of previous versions of this program and we have found a model that is: