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Despite significant investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health programs over the past 40 years, progress towards closing the gap for Indigenous health has been slow. While to some extent interventions from Government and non-Government organisations have been developed based on best-practice research and learned experience, consideration for the complexity of issues and diversity of communities has often been missing.


Many assumptions regarding predicted response and theory of change are oversimplified and unrealistic when placed into remote and very remote Indigenous communities.


Seed Foundation Australia’s Model is different and works because:

It is graduates will return to work in their home communities.

This will benefit long-term health outcomes for Indigenous communities throughout Northern Australia through the improved health literacy and awareness of basic practices to reduce the risk of preventative communicable disease. 


Our long-term plan is to expand Seed Foundation Australia to support the development of services for mental health, family violence, substance misuse and involvement in the justice system. We want to be leaders in this field and to disrupt the existing systems and conditions which have maintained the status quo for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing outcomes. 

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