Privacy Policy






The handling of the personal information that Seed Foundation Australia collects about its stakeholders.

On all occasions when information is collected and/or shared from external sources

The Executive Officer is responsible for the control and issuance of this policy

To ensure all information collected and/or shared during all Seed Foundation Australia’s operations is kept in the strictest confidence and is available on request as well as complies with all legislative requirements. These include the Privacy Act 1998, Privacy Regulation 2013 and Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009.

At the time of enrolment, permission is gained from completing the Guarantee of Service via our partner organisation Connect ‘n’ Grow® .


Information is only shared with external agencies that meet our compliance requirement. All information shared is kept in the strictest confidence by both parties and is available on request.

Photography Privacy: At Seed Foundation Australia we recognise that in some circumstances there are sensitivities relating to the taking of photographs. This is particularly relevant to capturing images of children. Seed Foundation Australia may, from time to time, wish to take photos of training activities.

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